Welcome to Pinnacle Prep School

Exceptional education begins with relationships where students trust their teachers and fellow students. This trust will foster the study of academics with depth and complexity. Study is not limited to specific age, grade level or materials, but to interest and success.

What Makes Pinnacle Prep School Exceptional?

  • 8:1 Teacher Student Ratio
  • Individualized Instruction
  • STEM Based Curriculum
  • Students Ranked in top 2% of National Testing
  • Average Student 1 – 2 grades ahead of age group
  • Manners and Etiquette emphasized daily

Pinnacle Prep School Major Objectives

Pinnacle Prep School has higher academic standards to ensure that our students will leave better equipped for the collegiate, or higher learning avenue, of their choice.The goal of Pinnacle Prep School is to provide a stimulating environment in which we inspire students to learn, thrive, excel and build a strong academic foundation. In addition, Pinnacle Prep School stresses good behavior, mutual respect and team work.

After completing 8th grade, our oldest student is now pursuing 9th grade at Jesuit College Prep School of Dallas. The major objective of our preparatory school is to continue to build and support the foundations that leads to the future success of our students, not only in school but through adulthood.

Our Mission

Our school is a vibrant combination of accelerated academics, cultural diversity and personalized learning. Small class sizes foster a personalized learning environment where students can not only thrive, but also excel.

Standards and Expectations

Our high standards and ability to integrate flexibility and individual attention have positioned our students’ academic ability at one or two grade levels ahead of the average student in the core subjects such as reading, writing, and mathematics.

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