Mark Twain said, “It’s not where you are, but who you’re with that matters most”.  At Pinnacle Prep School our extraordinary staff of talented teachers, alongside our close-knit student body, creates a community learning environment that feels more like family. The family atmosphere, exceptional teachers, proven teaching strategies, and emphasis on educating the whole child sets Pinnacle Prep School apart from traditional homeschooling and the public school system. This is also evident in our schools’ social responsibility program in which we place emphasis on community service and volunteer work.

“When the atmosphere encourages learning, the learning is inevitable.”

― Elizabeth Foss

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Technology is constantly changing and growing, and our aim is to encourage our students to evolve alongside it. To support this goal, we teach our first graders how to type. We also integrate Tablets, iPads, and computers with our curriculum in every grade level.

We have also incorporated web-based teaching resources for subjects such as science, math and language arts, and during summer months conduct camps to encourage students to push beyond their limits and step forward into the future.

Extra-curricular Activities

We place an important emphasis on extra-curricular activities and physical fitness. Students participate in physical education in the form of running, swimming, soccer, bicycling, teeter ball and basketball. With our NBA basketball hoop, batting cage and soccer field we are able to offer a variety of sports and activities for our students. In addition, with basketball and soccer coaches and swimming instructors on staff, we are able to conduct a variety of extra-curricular and summertime activities to propel the physical and mental growth of our students.

Strong bodies help sustain strong minds, and we aim to support and cultivate both.