Our curriculum consists of the following:

  • Languages: English, Spanish and Arabic (The emphasis is on reading comprehension, composition, grammar and vocabulary)
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Computer and typing
  • Art
  • Preparation for ACT/SAT
  • Physical education
  • Social studies
  • Technology classes
  • Etiquette classes

We imagine that the purpose of education, besides enabling an individual to make a living, is to mold a well rounded human being grounded in civic responsibility, capable of accepting personal responsibility for one’s actions and a respect for their fellowmen.

We offer a variety of field trips to museums, business establishments etc. where they learn about group dynamics, appropriate behavior and social interactions. Our students even learn practical housekeeping skills of dusting, cleaning, mopping, etc.  We reinforce proper class behavior, sharing, time management, cleaning up after ourselves, being respectful to each other and to authority figures.