Philosophy & Goal

Our goal is to enable students to pursue excellence in themselves and guide them towards the attainment of their full potential. We do not subscribe to teaching-to-the-test model geared towards acceptable student scores required for external funding.  We believe in a comprehensive and integrated approach that fosters understanding the concepts over mere memorization.

We credit the lack of challenge as the underlying reason for most students’ mediocre academic performance and the consequent loss of self-esteem.  We provide a challenging curriculum, and where needed, the necessary remedial instruction.  We do not settle for average at Pinnacle Prep School. Students are not allowed to just “get by” since we keep expectations high and encourage best performance. Students will excitedly work toward their full potential.

Students with learning disabilities want to succeed; however, the disabilities can cause them to miss critical, fundamental concepts. They often feel defeated and stop trying.  Unless this pattern is reversed, the student will continue to fall even further behind. Some students face issues such as anxiety, ADHD or low self-esteem. Many behavioral issues become manageable once students begin to experience success and no longer need to protect their self-image. Students with these challenges are capable of success when the school is knowledgeable, understanding and willing to provide a program that addresses their individual needs in a positive way.  Pinnacle Prep offers individual assistance to those students who have special needs or learning disabilities.

Middle school is often described as the most difficult time by both students and families. At Pinnacle Prep School, we make this transitional time a little easier to traverse. Because of the individualized nature of our school, our staff and students are better able to overcome adversity that confronts teens during this time of their lives. We engage with the students until they master each unit before advancing to the next.  If a student has not shown command of the material, the student will receive remediation until it is mastered.

We foster an atmosphere which promotes a desire to learn and excel.  We have an integrated approach, tailored to individual student needs and aptitude.  Our class size is small comprising of eight students or less and is very conducive to monitoring each student’s progress and providing the necessary guidance for steady advancement.

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