Summer Camp

What make us exceptional?

  • Our 8:1 Student to Teacher ratio allows us to make sure each student receives the education that best suits their learning style.
  • We rank in the top 2% of national standardized testing.
  • We place value on project-based learning.
  • We emphasize manners and etiquette daily.

Our passion and ability to meet each child where their individual need is at, and then accelerate their learning capacity beyond what the traditional school/classroom sanctions is what makes Pinnacle Prep School exceptional. It’s more than a school, it’s a learning experience. “Exceptional education begins with relationships where students trust their teachers and fellow students. This trust will foster the study of academics with depth and complexity. Study is not limited to specific age, grade level, or materials, but to interest success.”

What We Are About

Our school is a vibrant combination of academics, cultural diversity and personalized learning. Small classes foster a personalized learning environment where students can thrive and excel. A student-to-teacher ratio of 8:1 or less ensures that there really is no child left behind. Accommodating different academic levels means we have the confidence and flexibility to assist those who need it, as well as the ability to challenge and propel those who are advanced. This individual approach to learning allows for a varied curriculum that builds a foundation of knowledge which extends beyond ‘concept learning’ – students are not only expected to understand concepts, but are equipped with the ability to put those concepts into practice. We don’t just ask questions, we lead students down the path to finding answers for themselves.

Summer Camps (K-12)

Camp Schedule: 1- to 5-Week Sessions

Admission can be for a 1 week block or the entire 5 weeks, with individual goals set for each student. All of our camps incorporate fun activities between work. The student is assessed and lessons are created based on their assessments. Our teachers review and teach new skills to accelerate each students’ learning.

Full and Half Days Available!

AM Half Day: 9am-12pm

PM Half Day:12pm-3pm

Full Day 9am-3pm


Call 940-453-5887 for pricing on camps & additional information.

Camp Weeks

Week 1 June 11-15
Week 2 June 18-22
Week 3 June 25-29
Week 4 July 2-6
Week 5 July 9-13


Our science camp is in place to give students a hands on experience into the field of science. We focus on many different chemistry experiments as well as biology. This allows our children to take a textbook and put it to life. We want our students to understand that properties of science rather than just memorizing a bunch of facts. We feel this is important because it allows our students to walk in the shoes a true scientist and hopefully spark that enthusiasm towards the area whether that is geology, chemistry, or biology.


The writing camp will guide students to express themselves and explore different forms of writing like descriptive narrative, cause and effect, persuasive, and fiction. Students will be empowered with confidence in their writing and produce a multi-page collection of projects during the camp. The writing process will include researching, brainstorming, outlining, drafting, editing, and finalizing.


Our art instructors encourage students to express artistic expression, learn about art appreciation, and develop an understanding of the different art mediums. This includes sketching, drawing, painting, painting, sculpture, and crafts.


Students will have a comprehensive, intensive review of the student’s previous year of mathematics. The class is designed to refresh their memory as well as “fill in the gaps” where they may have forgotten a concept. We will also cover math skills each student will be learning the next school year.


Technology is constantly changing and growing. Our aim is to encourage our students to evolve alongside it. To support this goal, we teach typing starting at the first grade level. The use of electronic devices such as iPads and computers are integrated with the curriculum for educational purposes. We have also incorporated web-based teaching resources for subjects such as science, math and language arts. During summer, we conduct computer and web-design camps which encourage students to push beyond their knowledge base so they will be ready to step forward towards the future.

ACT / SAT Prep.

This camp provides a comprehensive review of each section of the S.A.T. Students will learn and practice the most frequently tested grammar and math concepts. In the critical reading and writing sections, students will be challenged with the advanced vocabulary. In the both the comparative essay and critical reading sections, students will receive help for developing their own critical analysis.

Critical Reading

Gives students the analytical they’ll need to not only be better students in the classroom but to also be better students of the world. By reading, understanding, and answering questions on engaging, challenging passages, our students learn to find meaning everywhere they look. These critical reading skills are also vital to the students’ critical writing skills. Because we introduce critical reading early, our students craft strong essays as they get older. They have already been developing the ability to dissect and comprehend texts.


Orients students to the world that came before them, the world they’ll help create, and the world that’ll come after. We value a comprehensive, global, and culturally-rich approach to history that reaches further than fact-based learning. In studying history and its depth, our students are can see the various figures and movements responsible for creating the society in which they’ll play a valuable part.

Basketball and Soccer

Campers will expand their skill set and knowledge of the game through proven techniques and fundamental training. Games will be a part of camp as well as introduction to team concepts and individual development. This is one you can’t miss! Through soccer coaching and a variety of instructional drills, your child will have the opportunity to learn from the best, and develop their talent as a soccer player.


We believe in bilingual education, and so we offer SPANISH to our students at an early age. Research shows that languages are best learned when a child is younger and their brain is at its most flexible age. At an early age, learning a second language is no more difficult than learning their native tongue, and by learning a second language, our students maximize their learning potential. Multi-lingual students can grasp ideas that their first language might lack the words for; furthermore, they’ll be better equipped to navigate cultures that are becoming more and more blended as time progress..


(Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) learning has been emphasized by President Obama, himself, as well as by educators across the nation. We make sure our students receive project-based STEM education so as to better prepare them for high schools, colleges, and job markets that are becoming increasingly technology-dependent. Our classrooms are equipped for a modern efficiency. We do not shy away from introducing technology to the classroom. STEM learning gives our students an interdisciplinary and applied education wherein their success goes beyond the classroom and into the real world.