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Our mission

Pinnacle Prep School is committed to encouraging and engaging lifelong learners by developing intellectually capable minds, building ethical characters, and creating compassionate leaders who will contribute to the common good in a global society.

Our students succeed!

We believe that having small classroom sizes allows for our teachers to focus on each student’s needs. With an average student-to-teacher ratio of 8 to 1, our teachers get to know every student as an individual and teach every student based on their abilities. Our low student-to-teacher ratio gives students personal attention, the ability to build a trusting relationship with their peers and teacher, and personal coaching. The small classroom size allows for students who need more attention from their teachers to get their questions answered at the time they need it.

Ability-based teaching

We offer an ability-based program where every student gets to work at their own pace! Our program is ability-based with accelerated pathways, allowing students to reach and exceed their potential.Working with a child’s individual strengths and weaknesses, Pinnacle Prep School creates a personalized strategy that allows students to fully master academic material. Mastery of skills becomes attainable because students are able to be challenged and don’t have to wait for other students to catch up to them. Our ability-based curriculum allows gifted students to be one a grade level ahead of the average student!

Quality, that’s what we give and get. I have been here my whole life and not a single second of it do I think I want to go back and change. Every lesson, we have had here I excel, this is due to the teachers taking their time to go back and explain the lesson content to me. Growing up with the same kids and attending the same school for 10 years, has helped us develop a close relationship and enjoy similar things, such as sports, and studies. The experience that I have is one that every kid should have. If it wasn’t for Pinnacle, I would not be as educationally ready, and mentally ready as I am today.

Reza O.

Pinnacle helped me improve my writing and test-taking skills. In addition, the rigorous workload has enabled me to complete my work quickly and efficiently at my new school. Overall, Pinnacle has prepared me to maintain high grades and retain information easily.

Kendall F

I have been at this school for over 8 years now, and I am in 4th grade. Pinnacle Prep school has very high expectations and amazing teachers. Every student in this school gets along together perfectly. I like how their classes have a few students in them. This gives students an opportunity to learn better and get more attention from the teacher. I also enjoy going on a lot of field trips. However, we have to earn them, which makes it motivating.

Auyeh F

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Ability-based learning

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Pinnacle Prep offers a variety of program options for our students. We offer the traditional classroom approach, as well as an online teacher-guided approach that includes live classroom instruction.

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