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June Newsletter


“Live as if you will die tomorrow. Learn as if you will live forever.” -Ghandi

And so, Pinnacle Prep School, we have arrived at the end of the 2015-16 school year. June 2nd marks the last class day before summer break begins, though it is likely that many of us have had summer on our mind well before that day. Nevertheless, we hope that every student is going into the summer having left everything on the field, so to speak. That is to say, every year, we strive to give our best effort in all we do, and reflecting back, Pinnacle Prep School can say it has had quite a school year. Certainly, we have completed a great deal of challenging work but have also had quite a bit of fun as well. Whatever memories we have formed during this year are likely to shape the years to come. Let’s go into summer with our heads held high and the sun in our eyes, eagerly anticipating when we’ll next get to walk through those school doors but knowing also that we are always learning, even when school isn’t in session.

My Year at Pinnacle Prep School

You wanna know how my year at Pinnacle Prep School went? Well, let me tell you. It was great! This was was first impression when I heard the name of this school… :-0 I mean really, I am not kidding. The first word of the name is Pinnacle. A Pinnacle is a high, pointed piece of rock. The word made me even more desperate to join this school. Before I came to this school, I imagined myself being here and accomplishing my goals. The teachers, the environment, the students, and the education especially has me devoted to this school.

Somehow, someway, Pinnacle Prep School is advanced compared to the others. Almost every student here works hard to accomplish his or her goals. Unlike the other schools, this school has every student set to study a grade or two ahead of where they’d normally be, depending on the skills of each individual. When a student needs remedial instruction, the teacher helps him or her out in any possible way. Students who work harder than others and show their talent are individually challenged.

Now, by all these details you may think this school is all about working and not having any fun. That’s not true. Pinnacle Prep School provides fun and influential fieldtrips for students such as: camping trips, zoo visits, Main event, UNT Planetarium visit, Legoland, and much more. Pinnacle Prep School has held many parties for the students and teachers to enjoy also.

This school year has been very memorable, and I can never forget all the fun I had here. I feel like I am one of a kind. I feel like a high, determined pinnacle myself. A pinnacle who went to Pinnacle Prep School.

-Alsa Khan

Field Trips

At Pinnacle Prep School, a private school widely acknowledged as the best private school ever, the staff took students to two excellent field trips. The fifth graders and up went camping overnight, and everyone in the school went on a day trip to the Sharkarosa Wildlife Ranch.


At Sharkarosa, you can eat dinner with live bears, ride in a tractor while hybrid zebras follow you, watch wallabys and kangaroos hop around, and much more!

“It was one of the best field trips I’ve ever experienced,” says Ayaan Chaudhry, a sixth grade student who enjoyed the trip thoroughly. Even the teachers enjoyed this fascinating ranch. Two of my personal favorite things at Sharkarosa were seeing the lemurs and looking for a very important camel called “Thirsty.” But I also enjoyed seeing Sharky the horse. Sharky the horse was the first animal to step foot in Sharkarosa, which is why Sharkarosa is named after him.

Overnight Camping for the Upper Kidslandscape-full-camping-tents-background_23-2147543173

At the camp, the students went hiking, played by the lake, flew kites, set up tents and slept in them. They played sports in an open plain of grass and told stories at night while munching on s’mores. It was the best field trip I’ve ever been to. I was paired up with several other students, Humza Zaidi, Aqeel Jaffery, Kazim Hussain, and Rayaan Anwar to sleep in a tent with. One of my favorite parts was at night in the tents. We played a prank on other kids, and brought sticks into our tent to defend ourselves if the other kids tried to prank us. We made our own little group and set positions. Kazim and I were scouts, so we would stay awake, waiting for a prank, and we woke the others up if we found a disturbance.”

At the campsite, the students were also instructed to make a source of entertainment for the staff and parents at night such as songs, skits, jokes, and more.

•Mehdi Kizilbash

NBA Finalsbasketball-court-ball-vector_23-2147492437

Every June, two of the NBA’s best basketball teams face off for the championship trophy in a best-of-seven series. However, the first set of NBA Finals games were held actually held in April and featured the Minneapolis Lakers (now located in Los Angeles) versus the Syracuse Nationals (now known as the Philadelphia 76ers). The Lakers won that contest 4 games to 2 and went on to win 4 of the first 5 NBA Finals. NBA seasons didn’t start ending in June until the 1980s as scheduling changes were made by the league.

Scheduling hasn’t been the only change that the NBA Finals have undergone. The championship trophy has also seen a few name changes over the year. In 1950, the trophy went simply the NBA Finals Trophy, but in 1964, it got a new name, the Walter A. Brown Trophy. It was named to honor Walter Brown, the original owner of the Boston Celtics. Brown played a key role in merging the now-defunct Basketball Association of America and the National Basketball League in order to create the NBA we know today. The 76ers were the first to win the Walter A. Brown Trophy by beating the Chicago Stags, a team that no longer exists.

During this period, 1950-1977, the championship trophy was passed around each year when a new team won, much like how the Stanley Cup is used in the NHL. In 1977, however, the Brown trophy was given a redesign, and the league decided to make a new trophy for each team that won the NBA Finals from then onward.

You now know the trophy by a different name. In 1984, the NBA renamed the trophy yet again to the Larry O’Brien Championship Trophy, named after the NBA commissioner 1975 to 1983. The Celtics were the first to win the O’Brien Trophy when they bested the Lakers in game 7 of a heated series. Nowadays, the trophy is made out of 14 pounds of silver, with 24 karat gold overlay, and stands 2 feet tall. Typically, the series MVP will hoist the trophy high into the air as the arena goes wild, celebrating the accomplishment. 14 pounds most not mean anything to an athlete at the top of the world.

-Mr. Enfield

Closing Sentiment

Pinnacle Prep School, may your summer be half as fruitful as the school year has been. We’ve all learned and grown quite a bit this year, students and faculty alike, and we hope you look back on this time and find plenty of fond memories to share. Remember, though, that even over the break, even when we graduate, even when we get older and earn degrees and find jobs… remember that we never stop learning. Keep searching the world around you for new information, Pinnacle Prep School. We look forward to seeing you back here in the fall and hearing all about it.