Month: March 2019

March 2019 Newsletter
March 2019 Newsletter-converted


During the month of February, we have been focusing on kindness. Being kind creates happy, caring children, a greater sense of belonging, and improves self-esteem. At Pinnacle Prep, we believe in a well-rounded education. Thank you for all of your support!

Pre- K and Kindergarten

We are soaring high with all the decoding of our language skills. We are making sure to look and sound out short or long vowels with our word lists.  We also listening to all the clues in learning if we are using the correct consonant blends to decode our reading in story time.  We have also learned to use our context clues with pictures that surround the passage to understand concepts and piece ideas together. We work together to make a list of all the ideas the students are coming up with when reading a book at the beginning of the week and finish at the end of the week.  We have been reading the King & Kayla adventure books. At the start of class we read the story and use our listening ears to understand concepts to learn for our day.

During the month of March, we look forward to all the awakening of animals that have come out of hibernation and blooming fauna.  Our days will be longer with anticipation of sunnier days. We have had a glimpse of spring by watching a video of the Holland Tulip gardens in the Netherlands. Their beautiful hues, lush exhibits and great displays of the colors of spring.  We will be examining all the different parts of the spring flowers. We will be learning about roots and end with the germination for new flowers to enrich our lives.  May you all get out and enjoy our marvelous environment. Don’t forget to stop and smell the roses!

Lower English

Happy Spring Pinnacle Prep School students; we are looking forward to warmer weather. We have been working on a variety of review items such as spelling, grammar, and
handwriting.  Every morning, students work on D.O.L. (Daily Oral Language) or pre-cursive handwriting. We are continuing to review nouns and verbs.  We will also study irregular verbs and adverbs. Students will also be working on identifying and writing different kinds of sentences: interrogative, exclamatory, statement and command. You can find these grammar activities in their interactive notebooks. We continue to review syllables and learn about different prefixes and suffixes as well.  Students are still enjoying our “making words” lessons and our “mini sight word” books. They look forward to the books every Thursday! Also, third grade has started cursive handwriting. They have learned several letters and are working on three letter words.

Also, we are reading short stories every day in class as well as dissecting poems. With every story, the students are also learning vocabulary and how to look up definitions in a dictionary and in the provided glossary.  Some of the themed poems for this month will include  weather, flowers and nature. You can find these poems, and other activities, in their journals. The students are writing every day in their journals for D.O.L., story responses, spelling, and other word lists and charts.

The students did a great job writing about If I Were President and Things That I Love. Upcoming assignments include: When it Rains, Spring is, and making a floor plan with a descriptive essay. For every  writing assignment, the students go through the writing process (pre- writing, rough copy, edit/revise and final copy).  Every child receives one on one attention during the editing phase as well as mini lessons
throughout the week. Please be reading at home with your child every night.  Students need to be doing a combination of reading aloud to you and reading to themselves.  You can have students write a short summary or write about their favorite part after reading to assist with reading comprehension.  Please be filling out the reading log that has been going home. A new book is sent home on Mondays and they are due back to school on Fridays. If your child is reading their own book at home, please fill out the log indicating the book and how many minutes they read.  I have sent home a current, master spelling list. Please study these words at home with your child. They can write them, spell them out loud or use in a sentence. Even writing them in pen or marker makes it fun for the kids. These are words that they  should have memorized and be able to spell correctly in their writing. Please send reading logs back to school every Friday.

Lower Math

Second Graders did an awesome job learning their 2 times tables and measurements. They are now working on subtracting numbers with regrouping and its related word problems. We will be starting our new topic on Geometry in which kids will learn different 2D and 3D shapes, types of polygons and types of lines. We also practice our addition, subtraction and multiplication facts daily. Third Graders are doing a great job working on measurement and time, in which they learned about converting between customary units of capacity, metric units of length, renaming units of measure, choosing the right measuring tool, reading temperature, reading calendar and time and calculating elapsed time. We will be starting our unit on geometry in which kids will learn different types of lines, angles and triangles. They will also cover congruent and similar figures, symmetry, calculate area and perimeter and problem solving.

Fourth Graders are doing a wonderful job in geometry where the kids are learning different types of lines, angles, angle measures, congruent and similar figures. Kids also drew symmetrical figures using graph sheets. They learned to calculate area and perimeter of irregular shapes followed by customary units of measurements and conversion. They are now working on transformation and coordinate geometry. This will be followed by a unit on decimals in which kids will learn decimal place value, compare and order decimals.

Upper Math

Fourth Graders​​ will continue working on Fractions. Students will learn the concept of Improper Fractions and estimating mixed numbers. Students will be working on adding and subtracting mixed numbers. We will be learning the concept of multiples which will help in adding and subtracting fractions with unlike denominators. We will also be working on Probability and part of a number. We will continue working on problem solving strategies and applications. Fifth Graders will be working on Ratios, Proportions and Percent. Students will be working on ratios as fractions and proportions. We will be working on scales and maps. Students will relate fractions to percent and percent to decimals. We will also learn finding percent of a number and uses of percent. We will continue working on problem solving strategies and applications.

Sixth Graders ​​will be working on ratio, proportion and percent. We will start with ratio, rate and equivalent ratios. Students will learn solving proportions. Students will work on Decimals, Fractions and percent. Algebra 2​​ students will be working on Quadratic Relations and Conic Sections. We will start with midpoint and distance formula. Students will learn graphing and equations of parabola, circles, ellipses and hyperbola. Students will also work on classifying conic sections. We will also practice solving Quadratic systems.

Upper English

Happy March!

Our English classes have been busy this past month with novel studies, writing, grammar, and vocabulary. The 3rd/4th grade class finished reading The Indian in the
Cupboard  and made models of Indian longhouses like the one discussed in the book. (You can see the students with their awesome longhouses on our school Facebook page.) The 5th/6th graders completed reading and studying The Giver. It was a powerful book that led to some great class discussions. They also
worked on posters that depicted themes, characters and plot as part of this novel study. These books were very popular with all of the students. We’ve begun new books in both classes: Bridge to Terabithia (3rd/4th grades) and Where the Red Fern Grows (5th/6th grades). The students are already enjoying these classics. I’m excited to see their composition and project accomplishments with this literature!

Science Lab News

We have had a fun month discovering the properties of matter. They learned that matter is anything that takes up space and has weight. Also, they learn that solids, liquids, and gases are matter and they have properties (size, shape, texture,or color). We had a fun demonstration for the whole school using dry ice. Students observed a liquid, solid, and gas while discussing the properties. We are moving on to energy and motion. By taking a look at the energy of motion all around us, Pinnacle Prep students learn about the types of energy and their sources. They first learn about the two simplest forms of mechanical energy: kinetic and potential energy, as illustrated by pendulums and roller coasters. They have come to understand that energy can change from one form into another. Our older students have also learned how equations can be used to determine the magnitude of force and energy. Understanding mechanical energy, or the energy of motion, is at the root of so many engineering applications in our world. I plan to introduce some engineering activities after our break.