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Summer Camp - Let’s have


Learn new skills in a safe and nurturing environment

What makes us exceptional?

  • Our 8:1 Student to Teacher ratio allows us to make sure each student receives the education that best suits their learning style.
  • We rank in the top 2% of national standardized testing.
  • We place value on project-based learning.
  • We emphasize manners and etiquette daily.

Our passion and ability to meet each child where their individual need is at, and then accelerate their learning capacity beyond what the traditional school/classroom sanctions is what makes Pinnacle Prep School exceptional. It’s more than a school, it’s a learning experience. “Exceptional education begins with relationships where students trust their teachers and fellow students. This trust will foster the study of academics with depth and complexity. Study is not limited to specific age, grade level, or materials, but to interest success.”

What are we about

Our school is a vibrant combination of academics, cultural diversity and personalized learning. Small classes foster a personalized learning environment where students can thrive and excel. A student-to-teacher ratio of 8:1 or less ensures that there really is no child left behind. Accommodating different academic levels means we have the confidence and flexibility to assist those who need it, as well as the ability to challenge and propel those who are advanced. This individual approach to learning allows for a varied curriculum that builds a foundation of knowledge which extends beyond ‘concept learning’ – students are not only expected to understand concepts, but are equipped with the ability to put those concepts into practice. We don’t just ask questions, we lead students down the path to finding answers for themselves.

Summer Camps (PK-8)

Camp Schedule::

1 to 4-Week Sessions


Admission can be for a 1 week block or the entire 4 weeks, with individual goals set for each student. All of our camps incorporate fun activities between work. The student is assessed and lessons are created based on their assessments. Our teachers review and teach new skills to accelerate each students’ learning.

Summer Session 1: June 7 to July 2:

Camp Weeks:

Week 1: May 31-June 4

Week 2: June 7-11

Week 3: June 14-18

Week 4: June 21-25

Week 5: June 28-July 2

PK - 8 grade:

Science Project-Based Camps that include reading comprehension, writing and math.


9:00 - 1:00


$300 per week

Online 3rd to 8th grade: 4-week session only:

3 days a week (50 min. sessions)

1 Subject:$350 for 4 weeks

2 Subjects:$625 for 4 weeks

3 Subjects:$900 for 4 weeks

Call 940-453-5887 for additional information.:

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