Our Mission

Pinnacle Prep School is committed to encouraging and engaging lifelong learners by developing intellectually capable minds, building ethical characters, and creating compassionate leaders who will contribute to the common good in a global society.


We first met the family that owned the school 2 years ago. It has been wonderful for my 2 kids, 6 and 13. We are family now, glad to say, once you join the school, you become family. The staff love what they do, they perform as educating the kids is their primary function. It is not about the test, it is about enrichment. Pinnacle will prepare them for the future. “It does not end here” is my motto for the school. The principal designs the curriculum and atmosphere in a constant stimulating environment and the kids love it. My daughters are so different in their learning styles and Pinnacle has adapted and progressed my kids forward far more than I can have ever imaged. I am very pleased with the experience and I know it will not “end here” based on what I see daily.

                                                                             —–Dr Jimmie Mechanic F (2018)

“This is an amazing learning environment for students. Pinnacle offers accelerated learning as well as tailored learning for students with special needs. Students and faculty are like one big family! I love this school!”

                                                                            —–T. Hozie (April 2018)