Our students come from as far as Fort Worth, Coppell, Frisco, Flowermound, Plano and other surrounding areas because we have the best curriculum for your child.

Our courses will challenge your child and improve his/her critical thinking skills, expand their knowledge, and improve their social skills.

Quality, that’s what we give and get. I have been here my whole life and not a single second of it do I think I want to go back and change. Every lesson, we have had here I excel, this is due to the teachers taking their time to go back and explain the lesson content to me. Growing up with the same kids and attending the same school for 10 years, has helped us develop a close relationship and enjoy similar things, such as sports, and studies. The experience that I have is one that every kid should have. If it wasn’t for Pinnacle, I would not be as educationally ready, and mentally ready as I am today.

                                                                             —– Reza O.

Pinnacle helped me improve my writing and test-taking skills. In addition, the rigorous workload has enabled me to complete my work quickly and efficiently at my new school. Overall, Pinnacle has prepared me to maintain high grades and retain information easily.

                                                                             — Kendall F.

I have been at this school for over 8 years now, and I am in 4th grade. Pinnacle Prep school has very high expectations and amazing teachers. Every student in this school gets along together perfectly. I like how their classes have a few students in them. This gives students an opportunity to learn better and get more attention from the teacher. I also enjoy going on a lot of field trips. However, we have to earn them, which makes it motivating.

                                                                             —–Auyeh O.

We first met the family that owned the school 2 years ago. It has been wonderful for my 2 kids, 6 and 13. We are family now, glad to say, once you join the school, you become family. The staff loves what they do, they perform as educating the kids is their primary function. It is not about the test; it is about enrichment. Pinnacle will prepare them for the future. “It does not end here” is my motto for the school. The principal designs the curriculum and atmosphere in a constantly stimulating environment and the kids love it. My daughters are so different in their learning styles and Pinnacle has adapted and progressed my kids forward far more than I can have ever imagined. I am very pleased with the experience and I know it will not “end here” based on what I see daily.

                                                                             —–Dr. Jimmie Mechanic F (2018)

This school, for being small, has had HUGE things to offer our children. The student body is engaged, taught to think critically, diverse and inclusive, taught to support one another, and allowed to excel to the best of their ability.

Smaller issues, like a younger child sometimes needing to stand up or move are thought of as “not a problem- some kids just need to move more”. Kids are not penalized for being kids- amazing difference in this from our last school.

Bigger issues with learning etc are taken seriously, and children that were allowed to “slip through the cracks” at a previous school are made to be responsible for their own learning in an age-appropriate way… And, whenever possible issues solved right away with engaged teachers like Ms. Hosie, Ms. Jaya, Ms. Jessica, and Ms. Laura.

Positive administration. Thank you, Ms. Alma and Ms. Tazeen. The school does not push intelligent students down but strives to bring each child UP, to eventually reach their potential no matter what they struggle with…. each child is met at their level as an individual… Thank you Pinnacle Prep!

                                                                            —–Shawna G.


“This is an amazing learning environment for students. Pinnacle offers accelerated learning as well as tailored learning for students with special needs. Students and faculty are like one big family! I love this school!”

                                                                            —–Tricia H.

My son has enjoyed attending Pinnacle Prep! He has been attending since Pre-k and has flourished. When he first started attending Pinnacle Prep, he couldn’t understand or speak English. He learned the language and was reading within 2 months. The curriculum is accelerated and pushes him to excel academically. I especially like the fact that it is the student to teacher ratio is 8:1.

                                                                            —–Anu B.