The School

Pinnacle Prep School is a preparatory school providing individualized instruction for Pre-K through 8th-grade students both on-campus and online. Gifted and talented students are challenged, and since the instruction is highly personalized, when a student is in need of remedial instruction, our staff is capable of addressing that need. 

What makes Pinnacle Prep stand out?

We offer an ability-based program where every student gets to work at their own pace! Our program is ability-based with accelerated pathways, allowing students to reach and exceed their potential. Working with a child’s individual strengths and weaknesses, Pinnacle Prep School creates a personalized strategy that allows students to fully master academic material. Mastery of skills becomes attainable because students are able to be challenged and don’t have to wait for other students to catch up to them.

We believe that having small classroom sizes allows for our teachers to focus on each student’s needs. With a student-to-teacher ratio of 8 to 1, our teachers get to know every student as an individual and teach every student based on their abilities. Our 8 to 1 student-to-teacher ratio gives students personal attention, the ability to build a trusting relationship with their peers and teacher, and personal coaching. The small classroom size allows for students who need more attention from their teachers to get their questions answered at the time they need it.

Our objective is to prepare the student for a smooth transition towards high school, where they can approach their classes with confidence, ensuring superior academic performance.