Academic Classes

Pinnacle Prep School offers accelerated small group learning.

In order to allow ample teaching and re-teaching time, we limit our class sizes. Small classes and personal attention are the Pinnacle of our teaching philosophy.

The academic classes we offer are grouped according to ability rather than age. Teaching can progress faster when each class is of a similar ability. We believe work ethic and desire to learn are important components for academic success; therefore, we strive to compose small classes of active students who enjoy learning at an accelerated rate.

Academic Classes Offered

Our curriculum is based upon many years of experience and expertise. We utilize textbooks and accompanying workbooks for all academic classes. These classes are in-depth and comprehensive in scope in order to present a full year’s advanced curriculum in a given subject.

Writing and Grammar Class

Every student is exposed to proper English grammar, and will learn how to implement it in their daily speech and writing skills. Lessons will be geared towards each student’s ability level, not necessarily their grade level. We provide a learning environment where students can, and will, excel in not just grammar, but in reading comprehension, writing (and the entire writing process), and daily speech.

Global Studies Class

Students experience the world, one country at a time, from the convenience of their classroom.  This class utilizes the World Wide Web to visit websites, watch videos, and study each country’s capital city, historical sights, natural resources, and daily lifestyle of its citizens. Maps, brochures, textbooks, magazine articles, newspapers, and other printed materials also supplement the material pulled off the Internet. Students learn cultural differences, the various religious lifestyles, and even experience a taste of cuisine unique to each country. This is a fun, practical study of the world around us.

Math/Problem Solving

At the core of our curriculum is the study of mathematics. Students receive instruction, one-on-one assistance if needed, lots of practice sets, and the same level of testing as the Texas public and private schools offer. Our students learn how to not only do the problems, but also how to apply what they learn to their daily lives. We make the study of mathematics more than a subject matter; we make it a part of daily life. The program combines a strong problem solving foundation with the necessary practice in computational skills needed for high achievement. We believe that developing confidence in one’s mathematical ability at an early age is critical to success in the middle and high school years. It is always best to be ahead in math.

Writing and Speaking to an Audience

This class complements our language arts, reading, and writing classes. All types of writing are included; for instance, persuasive letters and essays, personal narratives, poetry, advertisements, fictional stories, and research of a specific topic. The students present their work orally in front of the class in order to develop confidence and ease in speaking publicly. We coach each student in voice quality, projection, enunciation, expression, eye contact, and content of their presentations.

Handwriting and Cursive

The basic fundamentals of how to form letters and numbers are taught to all ages. From the pencil work of the youngest child, to cursive writing in ink, each student is encouraged to slow down the formation of their handwriting and develop confidence and neatness in their work.