“I think Pinnacle Prep School has a special way of teaching the students. The work is a little bit ahead of you, a grade, but you learn everything so fast, you work as steadily as people would who are a grade before you. I live in Arlington and the school is in Lewisville. I drive with my mom an hour just to get there everyday. Why? I, personally, am devoted to this school. I know I will work hard, because things ahead of you aren’t always easy. If I go to another school, I will be stuck listening to something I have already learned well.”

-Safia Yunus

“Pinnacle Prep School is a great school with a great environment, great teachers, great friends and very high-level education. My class and I, fifth graders, do sixth- and seventh-grade work. We have the knowledge of kids which are two grades higher than us. This also applies to the other classes at Pinnacle Prep School. Almost everybody who is a part of this program is shockingly smart. Our staff plans activities that make the school even better, such as camping trips, boating, pool parties, field trips, etc. I am happy to be a student at Pinnacle Prep School.”

-Reza Oufi, July 22, 2014