April 2019 Newsletter

April 2019 Newsletter


The month of April will be filled with adventure! Our activities are posted on our calendar. We will be taking several field trips throughout the month.

On field trip days please remember:

  • Arrive by 8:30 am sharp.
  • Dress in uniform.
  • Closed-toe tennis shoes are required.
  • Completely disposable lunches in brown paper bags with names on the bag.
    • No lunchboxes.
  • Send a disposable water bottle with their name on it.
  • Sunscreen and bug spray are necessary.

Finally, remember pick-up is 2:15-2:30 every day. Please be on time as the kids will be exhausted and the teachers have other obligations.


Field Trips

Wolves and Tigers will be going on a field trip to the Farmers Branch Historical Park on Wednesday, April 3, 2019. The Farmers Branch Historical Park is a museum with a long history. We will be taking a tour of the historical park, a tour of the gardens and receive instruction from a Master Gardener.

Pandas will be going on a field trip to the Andrew Brown Park on Tuesday, April 9, 2019. We will be having a picnic at the park full of nature adventure and exercise.

Zebras will be going on a field trip to the Dallas Arboretum on Wednesday, April 10, 2019. They will be learning all about butterflies. What will happen to Cathy Caterpillar? This fun, interactive program brings metamorphosis to life with a big book story about the butterfly life cycle and an outdoor puppet show.

Black Panthers and Owls will be going on a field trip to the Dallas Children’s Theater on Thursday, April 11, 2019. They will be watching Tuck Everlasting. What if you could live forever? What if you were asked to keep a shocking secret? Young Winnie Foster suddenly finds herself faced with these dilemmas when she ventures from her routine one single summer morning. What she encounters at the foot of a magnificent tree in the woods on her family’s land brings her face to face with monumental life choices.

Tigers will be going on a field trip to the Dallas Arboretum on Wednesday, April 17, 2019. We will learn about the diversity of life a freshwater ecologist might find in a wetland ecosystem. Using grade-appropriate scientific equipment, students learn to make their own wet slides from a water sample and make observations and inferences about the creatures living in our Texas Native Wetlands. Students will explore organisms from various kingdoms that make up the unseen freshwater ecosystem.

Black Panthers and Owls will be going on a field trip to Frontiers of Flight Museum on Wednesday, April 24, 2019. From early flight to modern space exploration, the Museum offers a unique learning environment for students of all ages. The educational programs are designed to apply science, technology, engineering, and mathematics principles to the area of aviation and space flight. They will also participate in Flight to Flight. In this program, students will compete in aerospace challenges demonstrating three firsts in flight: The Wright brothers, Sputnik I, and Apollo 11.


Pre-K and Kindergarten

We have been making great progress in our reading. We have read so many books this past month and will continue to practice our reading during the month of April. We are going to enjoying games, puzzle time and reading aloud about how April showers bring May flowers.  We will be learning about who flowers bloom and about the wonderful butterflies. Students will enjoy painting all the birds chirping that we can hear from our window along with the flowers and bees that they have seen in our park visits.

Our class has been learning about symbiotic relationship of the bee and the flower. We will learn how the bee is made perfectly to spread the pollen from one flower to another flower by providing pollen buckets. In the fact, the bee has a sticky substance on its underbelly. When the hair on their antenna, body and legs gets covered with pollen they spread it to other flowers. Keep an ear out to make sure you get all the students’ happenings this month. We’re planning many field trips and looking forward to enjoying all the wonders in nature.


Lower English

Happy April Fool’s Day!  

We have been working on a variety of review items such as spelling, grammar, and handwriting.  Every morning, students work on D.O.L. (Daily Oral Language) or pre-cursive handwriting. We have been working on a grammar project that not only introduces prepositions and reviews nouns, verbs and adverbs, but also teaches alliteration. I’m looking forward to putting all of the pieces together! The students are also continuing to practice rhyming words and counting syllables.  Students are still enjoying our “making words” lessons and our “mini sight word” books. They look forward to the books every Thursday! Also, third grade has started cursive handwriting. They have learned several letters and are working on three letter words.

Also, we are reading short stories every day in class as well as dissecting poems. With every story, the students are also learning vocabulary and how to look up definitions in a dictionary and in the provided glossary.  Some of the themed poems for this month will include April Fool’s Day, rainbows, frogs and clouds. You can find these poems, and other activities, in their journals. The students are writing every day in their journals for D.O.L., story responses, spelling, and other word lists and charts.  The students did a great job writing about spring and nature. Upcoming assignments include: different forms of poetry about rainbows, frog research (note-taking), and storytelling. Students have been practicing acrostic poems all year; we are going to learn how to write a cinquain and a diamante.  For every writing assignment, the students go through the writing process (pre-writing, rough copy, edit/revise and final copy). Every child receives one on one attention during the editing phase as well as mini lessons throughout the week.

Please be reading at home with your child every night.  Students need to be doing a combination of reading aloud to you and reading to themselves.  You can have students write a short summary or write about their favorite part after reading to assist with reading comprehension.  Please be filling out the reading log that has been going home. If your child is reading their own book at home, please fill out the log indicating the book and how many minutes they read.  I have sent home a current, master spelling list. Please study these words at home with your child. They can write them, spell them out loud or use in a sentence. Even writing them in pen or marker makes it fun for the kids. These are words that they should have memorized and be able to spell correctly in their writing. Please send reading logs back to school every Friday.

Also, students have been divided into groups for field trips.  Please ask your child what their group name is and don’t forget to look at the calendar to see if your child has any field trips coming up.

Lower Math

Second Grade

Second Graders are amazing with their geometric skills, in which they learned different types of 2-D and 3-D shapes, types of lines. We will be starting to learn fractions in which kids will learn how to write different types of fractions. We will continue to work with basic math facts and reading clocks.

Third Graders

Third Graders worked on the unit on Geometry, in which they learned different types of lines, angles, polygons, and triangles. Students also worked on how to calculate the area, perimeter, and volume of different figures. Finding out symmetry, the difference between congruent and similar figures. We will be starting our new unit on fractions in which kids will learn equivalent fractions, estimate, compare and order fractions, add, subtract and multiply fractions. We will continue to practice our math facts and problem-solving strategies.

Fourth Graders

Fourth Graders are working on Decimals, in which kids learned about conversion between fractions and decimals and vice versa, Decimal place value until thousandth place, estimate compare and order decimals, add, subtract, multiply and divide decimals. Problem-solving strategies. We will start review once we are done with this unit.

Upper Math

Fourth Graders​​ will continue working on fractions. We will continue working on adding and subtracting fractions with unlike denominators, probability, and part of a number. We will be starting with the concept of decimals (tenths and hundredths). Students will learn to compare, round and estimating with decimals. We will also learn to add and subtract decimals and divide money. We will continue working on problem solving strategies and applications.

Fifth Graders will continue working on percents. Students will work on Algebraic Expressions and Equations which will include solving equations involving addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Students will also be introduced to the concept of Integers.  We will continue working on problem-solving strategies and applications.

Sixth Graders ​​will continue working on percents. Students will work on decimals, fraction, and percent. Students will work on applications of percents which will include finding the percent of a number, rate and finding the original number. Students will be introduced to concepts of Sales Tax, discount, Simple Interest and Commission. We will continue working on problem solving strategies and applications.

Algebra 2​​ students will be working on Sequences and Series. Students will be working on arithmetic and geometric sequences and series, infinite geometric series and recursive rules for sequences.  

Upper English

March has been a busy month for our 3rd/4th and 5th/6th grade English classes. We are finishing work on our current novels and preparing for the next books: Hatchet (3rd/4th grades) and Tuck Everlasting  (5th/6th grades). 

The students have written some excellent essays related to their reading. They’ve also continued to make steady progress in their vocabulary and grammar skills.

The 5th/6th grade will attend a production of Tuck Everlasting  at The Dallas Children’s Theater on April 11th. This will be a fantastic opportunity for them to see a performance of the literature they’re studying.

We will begin rehearsals for our spring play productions this month. You’ll be receiving emails with more detailed information about the plays soon. We are looking forward to an educational and exciting end to our school year!

Science Lab News

March has been a whirlwind of a month in the science lab. Our younger students are learning about thermal energy. We studied how thermal energy is transferred, measured, and used.

Our upper students are digging into the laws of motion. Students explored potential and kinetic energy as well as Newton’s Laws of Motion. We are now transitioning into our engineering unit. We are not winding down! The next couple of months will be packed with learning and experiments.



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