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University Studies

For the University Studies program, students learn about different institutions of higher education, both here in the US and abroad. By studying the history of these institutions, describing what they are most known for, and identifying both the school’s admissions criteria and the degree programs offered, they become increasingly prepared to make informed choices about their own post-high school plans.

Orphanage Studies

For this project, students are asked to report on different orphanages around the world. Eventually, they report on orphanages from each major world region. In doing this project, students develop a sense of compassion for children in need, and come to appreciate the quality of life they themselves enjoy.

Career Studies

When doing Career Studies projects, students are asked to intensively research the diverse career paths possible to them. From STEM-based professions to those in the performing arts, students report on and listen to presentations about these jobs, broadening their visions of the future and opening their eyes to the numerous possibilities.

World Studies

World Studies projects require the student to learn about and subsequently present information on the many different countries in our increasingly-connected world. This fosters multiculturalism and cross-cultural understanding, promoting the growth of our students as global citizens they’ll need to be in the 21st century.

Religion Studies

As there are many different approaches to worship worldwide, the Religion Studies project allows students to explore the rich and diverse heritage of different faiths. It is through this kind of understanding that our students develop non-reactionary approaches to those with different belief systems, understanding that an underlying theme of general good and humanity is at the core of all faiths.

Communication Studies

Communication Studies’ focus is on our manners and etiquette course. Students read and discuss Dale Carnegie’s best-selling book since 1936, How to Win Friends and Influence People. By discussing Carnegie’s belief in self-improvement, and completing projects reflecting the lessons learned throughout the reading, students can communicate in a way that allows them to form deeper more rewarding relationships.


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