Online Teaching

We offer live, online teaching for Grades PK-10th Grade

Whether your child is trying to catch up or get ahead, Pinnacle is the place for you! At Pinnacle Prep School we combine accelerated academics, cultural diversity, and personalized learning to create a vibrant, challenging environment in which students can excel. We offer a student-to-teacher ratio of 8:1 for our online classes. These classes are taught and guided by our exceptional group of teachers. Because we focus on personalized learning, we are able to move beyond simple “concept learning” and help our students build a solid foundation of knowledge. At Pinnacle Prep, we can truly ensure that no child is left behind. Don’t let your student fall behind.  Enroll them today in our summer online classes, so they’ll be ready for school in August.

We offer:

  • Live, classroom instruction
  • Ability-based Instruction
  • Customized Scheduling

What makes us exceptional?

  • Our 8:1 Student to Teacher ratio allows us to make sure each student receives the education that best suits their learning style.

  • We rank in the top 2% of national standardized testing.

Our passion and ability to meet each child where their individual need is at, and then accelerate their learning capacity beyond what the traditional school/classroom sanctions is what makes Pinnacle Prep School exceptional. It’s more than a school, it’s a learning experience. “Exceptional education begins with relationships where students trust their teachers and fellow students. This trust will foster the study of academics with depth and complexity. Study is not limited to specific age, grade level, or materials, but to interest success.”

Online Classes (PK-10th)

Schedule: 4-Week Sessions

Admission is for a 4-week session with individual goals set for each student. The student is assessed and lessons are created based on their assessments. Our teachers review and teach new skills to accelerate each students’ learning.

Time: 8:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. CST (Varies by class) 

Program Options


Full-Time Program4 SubjectsStudents receive live, teacher-guided online instruction in Math, English, Science, and Social Studies.
Part-Time ProgramChoose any number of subjectsStudents receive live, teacher-guided online instruction in Math, English, Science, or Social Studies.
One-on-One ClassesChoose any number of subjectsStudents receive live, teacher-guided online instruction in Math, English, Science, or Social Studies.

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The writing camp will guide students to express themselves and explore different forms of writing like descriptive narrative, cause and effect, persuasive, and fiction. Students will be empowered with confidence in their writing and produce a multi-page collection of projects during the camp. The writing process will include researching, brainstorming, outlining, drafting, editing, and finalizing. 



Reading Comprehension 

This is the course focuses on reading comprehension. Students will be able to identify the main ideas and important details of a text, make use of contextual clues to infer meanings of unfamiliar words from context,  distinguish fact from opinion, make inferences and predictions based on information in the text, infer meanings of unfamiliar words, identify author’s purpose and tone, transfer information in the text into a graphic organizer. 


Students will have a comprehensive, intensive review of the student’s previous year of mathematics. The class is designed to refresh their memory as well as “fill in the gaps” where they may have forgotten a concept. We will also cover math skills for their current grade level or ability. 1st Grade to Algebra 2


In our grammar class, students will be introduced with parts of speech, learn how to recognize them, and use them in a sentence. Students will also learn basic capitalization rules and proofreading strategies. Topics include: nouns, pronouns, adjectives, verbs, capitalization, sentence structure, and proofreading.


Novel Studies    

This class offers an in-depth study of a novel. Students will learn about characterization, theme, setting, voice, and other literary elements, and analyze the theme. Students will also learn vocabulary from the novel. 



The Spanish course focuses in four areas of foreign language study: listening comprehension, speaking, reading, and writing. Activities focus on vocabulary themes and grammar concepts, reading and listening comprehension activities, and speaking and writing activities. (Students in 6th-10th grade)


Science is taught through an integrated approach we call the Pinnacle Prep Method. Students learn through the lenses of Science, Math and English (readings, writing, and communication skills). We believe this integrated approach empowers our students to gain valuable skills that can be related to real-life situations. (Students in 2nd-8th grade)


Social Studies

Our Lower School uses a theme-based approach to develop students’ understanding of basic economics, geography, history, and civics and government. Students develop critical thinking skills and an understanding of citizenship. Students are introduced to major historical events, figures, and symbols related to the United States of America and the world. 

Upper School course focuses on broad themes in geography, culture, technology, history, government, and economics. The student will learn about the geography of the world, the various cultures represented across the globe, and the influence of technology and art on people and places. Lessons will also cover important government and economic concepts. After completing the course, students should be able to answer a variety of social studies questions and demonstrate a number of social studies skills.