Our curriculum consists of the following:

We believe the purpose of a holistic education is to mold a well-rounded student grounded in civic responsibility, capable of accepting personal responsibility for their actions and respect for their fellow men. This kind of dynamic teaching environment also means that our students are challenged on a deeper level and their unique talents and gifts are nurtured.  


We offer an ability-based curriculum designed to meet the needs of individual students. We believe in exposing our children to a variety of learning situations and subject areas. 


Our curriculum ensures that mastery is achieved before students advance to the next level. With this structure, our students are able to advance one to two grade levels compared to their peers.  


With a student-to-teacher ratio of 8:1, we can truly ensure that no child is left behind. Because we focus on personalized learning, we are able to move beyond simple “concept learning” and help our students build a solid foundation of knowledge. To ensure an atmosphere where education flourishes, Pinnacle Prep School works with students individually to help build confidence and mastery.  


We teach students to be independent thinkers, to question the why in everything they do, and to write with clarity. 


In addition to the traditional subjects, all students explore art, computer education, physical education, theater arts, and weekly study projects to include career, orphanage, world, and religious studies. Qualifying students have the option of Spanish language classes as part of their curriculum. 


Pinnacle Prep Theater produces two plays a year. Our past productions include Anne Frank, Twelve Angry Men, Beowulf, andThe Wizard of Oz.

We offer a variety of field trips to museums, business companies, and other establishments where students learn about group dynamics, appropriate behavior, and social interactions. Our students even learn practical housekeeping skills like dusting, mopping, vacuuming, and other cleaning actions to establish basic fundamentals of responsibility and behavior.  We reinforce proper class behavior, sharing, time management, cleaning up after ourselves, and being respectful to each other and to authority figures. (picture at the park)

One of the highlights of the day at Pinnacle Prep is the morning assembly, where students are challenged to think deeply about who they are as a person and how they interact in the world. One of the core activities during this time is for students to present various ‘studies’ projects,‘ listed below, from 5th grade forward. The performances assist in refining their presentation skills and serving as a source of information for their fellow students.

University Studies

For the University Studies program, students learn about different institutions of higher education, both here in the US and abroad. By studying the history of these institutions, describing what they are most known for, and identifying both the school’s admissions criteria and the degree programs offered, they become increasingly prepared to make informed choices about their own post-high school plans.

Orphanage Studies

For this project, students are asked to report on different orphanages around the world. Eventually, they report on orphanages from each major world region. In doing this project, students develop a sense of compassion for children in need, and come to appreciate the quality of life they themselves enjoy.

Career Studies

When doing Career Studies projects, students are asked to intensively research the diverse career paths possible to them. From STEM-based professions to those in the performing arts, students report on and listen to presentations about these jobs, broadening their visions of the future and opening their eyes to the numerous possibilities.

World Studies

World Studies projects require the student to learn about and subsequently present information on the many different countries in our increasingly-connected world. This fosters multiculturalism and cross-cultural understanding, promoting the growth of our students as global citizens they’ll need to be in the 21st century.

Religion Studies

As there are many different approaches to worship worldwide, the Religion Studies project allows students to explore the rich and diverse heritage of different faiths. It is through this kind of understanding that our students develop non-reactionary approaches to those with different belief systems, understanding that an underlying theme of general good and humanity is at the core of all faiths.

Communication Studies

Communication Studies’ focus is on our manners and etiquette course. Students read and discuss Dale Carnegie’s best-selling book since 1936, How to Win Friends and Influence People. By discussing Carnegie’s belief in self-improvement, and completing projects reflecting the lessons learned throughout the reading, students can communicate in a way that allows them to form deeper more rewarding relationships.